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Introducing Olivia
Introducing Olivia
Introducing Centro
Introducing Centro
Introducing Tessella
Introducing Tessella

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In the Media
Joel Berman Discusses Current Glass Trends in Office Design
June 2014 (Watch video)

Joel Berman Glass Studios Introduces Olivia
June 2013 (PDF, 74kb)

Joel Berman Glass Studios Introduces Centro
June 2013 (PDF, 86kb)

Joel Berman Glass Studios Introduces Tessella
June 2013 (PDF, 82kb)

Joel Berman Glass Studios Launches the Maharam Collection
June 2012 (PDF, 86kb)

Joel Berman Glass Studios Introduces Stilla
May 2012 (PDF, 74kb)

Joel Berman's Inside Ice Revealed at Winnipeg Airport
April 2012 (PDF, 209kb)

Joel Berman Glass Studios' Ellisse Captures Best of Year Award in Product Design
December 2011 (PDF, 33kb)

Joel Berman Receives Carter Wosk BC Creative Achievement Awards for Applied Art and Design
December 2011 (PDF, 98kb)

Vancouver Company Creates Stanley Cup in Glass for NHL Headquarters
May 2011 (PDF, 1806kb)

Live @ NeoCon: Interview with Joel Berman
June 2010 (Watch video)

Joel Berman Glass Studios Captures Two Best of NeoCon Awards
June 2010 (PDF, 80kb)

Joel Berman Glass Studios Unveils Lastra, Taglio and two new variations in Arrigado resin
June 2010 (PDF, 116kb)

When Skiing Imitates Art: K2 Sports Commissions Joel Berman Glass Studios to Create World's Largest Glass Skis
February 2010 (PDF, 280kb)

Introducing Berman Resin: A selection of Joel Berman Glass Studio's signature cast glass textures and two new exciting texture designs now available in Resin
May 2009 (PDF, 100kb)

Joel Berman Glass Studios in association with Glass Inspiration announces Berman Interlayers
May 2009 (PDF, 104kb)

Interior Design TV: Joel Berman and Interior Design magazine editor in chief Cindy Allen discuss the new Unity series at Joel Berman Glass Studio's NeoCon showroom
July 2008 (Watch video)

Glass Association of North America Podcast: Cathie Saroka interviews Joel Berman at NeoCon 2008
July 2008 (Watch video)

Joel Berman Glass Studios introduces Transition
May 2008 (PDF, 180kb)

Joel Berman Glass Studios introduces Design Without Borders | Unity
May 2008 (PDF, 328kb)

Joel Berman Glass Studios introduces Bastoni
May 2008 (PDF, 148kb)

Joel Berman Announces Design Collaboration with XLG, Inc.
May 25, 2007 (PDF, 94kb)

Joel Berman Announces New Textures For 2007
May 1, 2007 (PDF, 992kb)

Joel Berman Glass Studios Introduces "Screen", A Modular Glass Privacy Partition For The Home Or Office
April 11, 2007 | Click here to download in PDF format (364kb)

Haworth, Joel Berman Glass Studios host "Design on Ice"
March 1, 2007 (PDF, 100kb)

Cleveland Clinic Dazzles with Garden Wall Sculpture by Joel Berman Glass Studios
January 23, 2007 | Click here to download in PDF format (84kb)

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Architectural Record: Product Focus - Glass
September 2008 - pg 171

Interiors & Sources: Product Q + A - Ice by Joel Berman Glass Studios
April 2008 - pg 18

USGLass, Metal & Glazing: Living in Glass Houses
January 2007 (PDF, 516kb)

Contract Magazine: Nice piece of glass
January 2007

Contract Magazine: Architectural glass ranking
December 2006

Architect Magazine: 2006 ACE Award Winners
November/December 2006 (PDF, 3.4MB)

Azure Magazine
September 2006 (PDF, 192kb)

FX Magazine
September 2006 (PDF, 132kb)

Glass Magazine
August 2006 (PDF, 301kb)

Architectural Record
July 2006 (PDF, 308kb)

Beautiful Homes
February/March, 2006 (PDF, 284kb)


News Archive

New York Times, September 2005 (PDF, 132kb)
Glass Magazine, June 2005 (PDF, 320kb)
Glass Canada, June 2005 (PDF, 3.3MB)
Introducing three new premium kiln-cast glass textures: the Bricks, Boards and Sticks Collection, June 2005
Contract Magazine, May, 2005 (PDF, 491kb)
US Glass, Metal & Glazing, May 2005 (PDF, 1.1MB)
Contract Magazine, March 2005 (PDF, 740kb)
Yaletown View, March 2005 (PDF, 1.0MB)
Elle Décor, February 2005 (PDF, 160kb)
Architectural Products, January/February 2005 (PDF, 152kb)
Canadian Interiors, July/August, 2004
Interior Design Spring Market Tabloid, May, 2003
Contract, May, 2003
Abitare, March, 2003
Canadian Interiors, January/February, 2003
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Neocon Show Daily, June, 2002
Interior Design
Globe and Mail, May, 2002
Azure, May, 2001
Architectural Record, July, 2000
New York Times, July, 2000
Interior Design, May, 2000

Ad Archive
Metropolis ICFF Directory, May, 2003
NeoCon West, March, 2003
Dwell, August, 2002
Interior Design, June, 2001
Blueprint, March, 2001
Interior Design, October, 2000
Interior Design, May, 2000

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